Let's work together for the best towards the future!

On January 25th, Best Group solemnly held the 2021 Summary and Commendation Conference and the 2022 Target Task Deployment Conference. The factories in Yunnan, Laos, Myanmar, and Hong Kong companies participated in the conference through video conferencing throughout the entire process. Best Group Chairman Jiang Zhongwei, while acknowledging the hard work and achievements of the Bede team in 2021, deployed the 2022 target plan. 2022 is the second year of the implementation of the Group's 14th Five Year Plan, which is full of opportunities and challenges. We need to further promote the implementation of industrial upgrading, grasp the leading advantages of the "the Belt and Road", adhere to the "going out" strategy, form a more mature new industrial pattern, and ensure that the company's strategic objectives under the new ideas are achieved. Best Group Party Branch Secretary Jiang Yunnan encourages everyone: a new starting point, new hope! We will continue to adhere to the Party building leading the development of enterprises, recognize the development situation, strengthen development confidence, seize development opportunities, and believe that everyone will unite to open a new chapter of development and achieve even more brilliant results!









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