"Joining Hands for Win and Blooming in 2021" - The Group Holds the Headquarters 2020 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference

On February 6th, after the annual summary meeting, the group headquarters commended a group of outstanding performance advanced teams and outstanding individuals who worked hard and took on practical responsibilities. Jiang Zhongwei, Chairman of the Group, and Jiang Yunan, Secretary of the Party Branch, along with the Group's senior management and all award-winning personnel, attended this meeting. At the meeting, everyone reviewed the important honors that the group has received since its establishment.

Best Group Party Branch Secretary Jiang Yunnan congratulates all award-winning teams and individuals, and calls on everyone to keep up with the times, explore and innovate in 2021; In work, there should be new methods, new goals, and new concepts! In addition, various departments should also strengthen collaboration, and in the new year, everyone should work together to accomplish great things, implement good deeds, and accomplish difficult tasks. Seize new opportunities, embrace new challenges, and work together to contribute to Bede's global journey!








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