Strive for a century and embark on a new journey!

In the afternoon of June 30, the theme activity of Best Group's general party branch to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC was held grandly. The event presents a tribute to the centenary of the Communist Party of China in the form of commendation of advanced individuals and artistic performances, reviewing the glorious history of the Party, praising its great achievements, inspiring people to never forget their original aspirations and keep their mission in mind. Throughout the event, there was a video connection with the Myanmar Party group, and China and Myanmar witnessed the event together.

Town leaders Pan Ronggui and Yao Chenying, Yongping Village Party Branch Secretary and Director Xu Xiaohua, Best Group Party Branch Secretary Jiang Yunnan, and Chairman Jiang Zhongwei attended the event. All party members of the Best Group Party Branch and representatives of company employees participated in the event.








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