The the Belt and Road Initiative creates a new situation of international development!

On the morning of September 29th, the Best Clothing Laos project signing ceremony was grandly held. Best Group Chairman Jiang Zhongwei, Party Branch Secretary Jiang Yunnan, General Manager of Lao China United Investment Co., Ltd. Wang Weikun, Deputy Director of Asset Management and Operations Department of Yunnan Overseas Investment Co., Ltd. Ma Chao and other relevant personnel attended the event. Leaders including He Zhiqiang, Secretary of the Party Committee of Zhutang Town, Shi Ping, Deputy Director of the Jiangyin Municipal Bureau of Commerce, and Du Dongliang, Deputy Mayor of Zhutang Town, attended the ceremony.

At the meeting, Best Group Chairman Jiang Zhongwei gave a detailed introduction to the specific situation of the project of Bede (Laos) Company. Jiang Dong stated that Beide will take advantage of the signing of this contract, concentrate its advantageous resources, and fully promote the construction of the project, achieving early start, early construction, and early production. I believe that with the strong support of the Saiseta Park and government leaders at all levels, the Laos project will definitely start smoothly and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results!

The successful signing ceremony of the Best Clothing Laos project marks a new breakthrough for Beide in its international market layout and a new level of development during the 14th Five Year Plan period. In the future, Best Group will further integrate resources, optimize management, expand business scale, accelerate industry layout, and strive to write a new chapter of international development!








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