Craftsmanship Inheritance, Hardening and Advancing - Best Myanmar Third Factory Holds Employee Apprenticeship Ceremony

In order to further assist the rapid growth of Best Myanmar factory employees and fully leverage the role of Chinese managers stationed in Myanmar as mentors, on the morning of October 2nd, Best Group's Jiade (Myanmar) Clothing Co., Ltd. held a "Craftsmanship Inheritance, Diligence, and Progress" employee apprenticeship ceremony on the occasion of the "Teacher Worship Festival". Sun Linhua, the General Manager of Best Myanmar Factory, attended the ceremony, with representatives of mentors and apprentices, as well as representatives of factory employees.

The apprentices carefully prepared holiday gifts and paid respects to the factory leaders and Chinese masters in batches according to their positions. Everyone is deeply grateful for the stable work and income security provided by the company. In the face of the Myanmar epidemic and coup, the company has always been a strong support for everyone. At the same time, I sincerely thank the leaders and mentors for their continuous care and support. The improvement of skills and abilities cannot be separated from the cultivation of mentors!

After apprenticeship, the apprentices will carefully listen to their master's teachings, respect their master, be humble and down-to-earth, and be diligent in learning and asking questions. They will apply what they have learned to practical work, continuously improve their skills, and strive to graduate as soon as possible, becoming independent "clothing people". In the upcoming work, both the master and apprentice will encourage each other to work together and contribute to the internationalization development of Best Group!








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