Based on the position, showcase one's talents, and make contributions to the new era for women

On the occasion of the International Women's Day on March 8th, in order to recognize the outstanding achievements of the group's outstanding female employees in their work, fully leverage the role of "half the sky", and express care and greetings to women compatriots, Best Group organized a celebration of Women's Day on March 8th and the commendation conference for advanced female employees.

Jiang Yunnan, Secretary of the General Party Branch of the Group, extends the most sincere holiday greetings to all female employees. He said that as a traditional clothing industry, Best's female counterparts have indeed played a pivotal role. In the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic, Best could not return to work without the active cooperation and hard work of everyone. In the face of a severe situation in 2020, we must stand firm in our positions, unite as one, and work together!





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