"Learning History, Encouraging Action, and Achieving Double Victory" Best Garment Group Party Branch launched a themed party day activity in July

On July 18, the General Party Branch of Best Garment Group organized Party members to visit Hongdou Group and Jiangsu Zhongwang Internet Co., Ltd. to study the party building work of non-public enterprises, and actively carried out the party day activity with the theme of "learning history and encouraging action to win double victories". Zhu Tang Town Party Committee member Pan Ronggui participated in this event.

Through this themed party day event, the Party branch of Best Garment Group will further deepen its learning of the spirit of Red Bean and draw on the advanced practices of Red Bean Party building; At the same time, learning from Jiangsu Zhongwang has continuously injected new vitality and energy into party building work, striving to build Best party building with new era characteristics, and contributing "red" forces to promote Best's development and achieve new leaps!




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