Best Garment Group Charity Activity for Caring for the Elderly

On the morning of January 15th, Comrade Jiang Yunnan, Secretary of the Party Branch of Best Garment Group, and his delegation came to the town's elderly care service center again this year to send New Year greetings and love gifts to the elderly. Hua Xiegang, Executive Deputy Director of the town's customs work committee, and Chen Caoliang, Director of the Civil Affairs Department of the Social Affairs Bureau, accompanied them to attend. Comrade Jiang Yunnan personally delivered 128 warm and caring gift packages to the elderly in the nursing home, and brought red scarves and New Year's red envelopes to the elderly, allowing them to feel the warmth and care of society. Jiang Yunnan stated that respecting the elderly and loving the young is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. In the future, we will continue to assist public welfare undertakings, shoulder the social responsibility of enterprises, and let those in need feel the care and warmth of the social family. Subsequently, Comrade Jiang Yunnan and his delegation arrived at Yongping Village and brought a 2019 agricultural insurance subsidy of 100000 yuan to the elderly over 60 years old in the village. Since 2001, Best Garment Group has been paying agricultural insurance for the elderly in the village for nineteen consecutive years, with a total donation amount of 1.35 million yuan. Comrade Jiang Yunnan calls on the whole society to pay attention to charity and public welfare undertakings, and continuously strengthen the power of the Love Fund.




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