Yongping Linxiu, great love surging! Yongping Care Fund officially established

In order to deeply implement the action of "village enterprise joint development and modernization" and establish a sound long-term mechanism for care and assistance, the establishment meeting of Yongping Care Fund was solemnly held in Yongping Village on the morning of December 25th. Town leaders Yan Feng and Pan Ronggui, heads of relevant departments in the town, and members of the "Two Committees" of Yongping Village attended the meeting. Jiang Zhongwei, Chairman of Best Garment Group, and Jiang Yunnan, Secretary of the Party Branch, attended the meeting and represented Best Garment Group in making the first initial donation of funds to the Yongping Care Fund. In recent years, as a pioneer in the party building work of non-public enterprises, Best Garment Group has embedded "corporate party building" and "social responsibility" into the conscious actions of enterprises. Comrade Jiang Yunan, who once served as the secretary of Yongping Village, has been paired with Yongping Village for assistance and regular condolences, practicing the "Yanhuang" spirit of "Great Love Zhutang" through practical actions.







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