Promoting Charity Culture and Building a Great Love for China

On March 3, 2019, Chairman Jiang Zhongwei of the group and the management team of the Hande factory in Myanmar came to an orphanage in Sprite, Yangon to visit the children here and sent them comfort money and supplies. Best Garment Group has always promoted the spirit of "unity and boundless love" in charity. Every year, it conducts charity donations both domestically and internationally. This event was the first quarter of Best Garment Group's charity donation event in Myanmar in 2019. The orphanage director sincerely thanks Hande Factory for the donation and stated that these condolence funds and items are exactly what the orphanage urgently needs, and the children are all very happy. Jiang Dong stated that this is both a affirmation and a responsibility, which will inspire Best Garment Group to continue moving forward on the path of public welfare and give back to society with more love. Since investing in the first factory in Myanmar in 2014, Best Garment Group has actively integrated into the local culture for five years. As a member of Myanmar society, we always bear in mind our social responsibilities, actively participate in local charity activities, and insist on doing the right things in the right way. The "Unity and Boundless Love" charity donation campaign will also continue, keeping love on the road.




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