Promoting the "Yanhuang Fashion, Supporting Education Development - The 2019 Best Education Fund Award Distribution Conference Successfully Ends

On November 27, 2019, the Best Education Fund reward distribution conference was held at Zhutang Central Primary School. The relevant party and government leaders of the town, Zhou Wenhong, Deputy Secretary and Deputy Director of the Municipal Education Bureau's Party Committee, Jiang Yunan, Secretary of the Party Branch and Director of the Guan Work Committee of Best Group, and relevant leaders of the town's Guan Work Committee were invited to attend the event. At the meeting, outstanding and self reliant students and various advanced educators were commended, inspiring teachers and students to strive for excellence. Jiang Yunnan, Secretary of the Party Branch of Best Group and Director of the Work Committee, delivered a speech on stage and personally presented awards to the recipients of the Best Education Fund's Self Strengthening Student Award. During the award ceremony, teachers and students took turns appearing on stage to showcase their talents, and the splendid and diverse cultural performances attracted continuous applause from the audience!




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