Relying on the "Learning to Build a Strong Country" platform, Best Group launched the "March 8th" celebration event to showcase the achievements of women

Since the promotion of the "Learning Strong Country" learning platform activity throughout the town, the Best Party Branch has attached great importance to it, innovated learning models, enhanced learning effectiveness, and made good use of the "Learning Strong Country" platform. On the afternoon of March 8th, our company organized a celebration of March 8th with the theme of "Relying on the 'Learning Strong Country' Platform to Achieve Women's Achievements and Exhibition Style".


Comrade Jiang Yunnan, Secretary of the Party Branch of our company, has been actively promoting and promoting the application of the "Learning Strong Country" platform. He hopes that female employees of the enterprise will promote the Best "home" culture, unite the Best spirit to create first-class products, use the "Learning Strong Country" platform to integrate theoretical learning into daily life, better grasp and apply the new policies on the platform to help the development of the enterprise, and strive to be the forefront of women.





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