Best Party Building Hall Holds Unveiling Ceremony

On the morning of March 17th, Jiang Yunnan, Secretary of the Party Branch of Best Garment Group, Jiang Zhongwei, Chairman, and town leaders Chen Jianxiong, Wang Hanming, Ma Jun, Yan Hu, Chang Huiqin, and Xue Xuan attended the unveiling ceremony of the Party Building Museum.

At 11:18, with warm applause from all party members of the group, Jiang Yunnan, the secretary of the group's party branch, and Chen Jianxiong, the secretary of the town's party committee, jointly unveiled the plaque for the Best Party Building Museum. Everyone took a group photo together to commemorate the occasion.

At the symposium, Chen Jianxiong, the Secretary of the Town Party Committee, fully affirmed the party building work carried out by the Party Branch of Best Garment Group. He hoped that the group would fully leverage its advantages in enterprise party building and cultural construction, and provide strong support for the development of the enterprise; We should fully utilize the platform of "learning to build a strong country", continuously strengthen the education of enterprise party building culture, deeply promote the construction of advanced enterprise party building culture, and take the opportunity of striving for excellence to promote the improvement of the quality of party members and the vigorous development of enterprise party building culture.

 After the event, under the introduction of Secretary Jiang, all attendees visited the Best Party Building Museum together.





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