Best Burmese Factory Holds First Clothing Skills Competition

In order to further improve the professional skills of employees and create a strong atmosphere of learning and catching up, BEST HUBO held its first clothing skills competition on the morning of March 17th. The company has established four working groups, including a planning group, a scoring group, a quality judgment group, and an equipment maintenance group, to fully ensure the high-quality, efficient, safe, and orderly conduct of the competition. After preliminary selection, more than 80 people have entered the finals.

Before the final, factory director Sun Linhua called on everyone to perform at their best. Subsequently, Deputy Factory Manager Song Xianbin announced the competition process and award rules.

After a fierce competition, we finally entered the exciting award ceremony. The winners were the first prize ready to wear A1 group employees, the second prize ready to wear C5 and D4 groups employees, and the third prize ready to wear A3, A4, and B5 groups employees. The winners and the award winners happily took a group photo as a souvenir.

The first BEST HUBO Clothing Skills Competition has come to a successful conclusion! This clothing skills competition is the first event held by our company in our factory in Myanmar, which has greatly improved the professional skills of overseas employees and also promoted the construction of the company's talent team.





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