Our company held a grand signing ceremony for school enterprise co construction and the unveiling of the "Best Education Fund"

On the morning of March 23rd, the top management of Best Group, together with the schools of Zhutang Middle School, Zhutang Central Primary School, and Zhutang Experimental Kindergarten, held a grand signing ceremony for co construction and the unveiling of the "Best Education Fund". Town leaders Chen Jianxiong, Xia Jianhui, Wang Hanming, Ma Jun, Tan Rongwei, Huaxie Gang, as well as leaders from relevant departments of the town, Yongping Village, and relevant schools, attended the event together.

At the meeting, the Chairman of the Group, Jiang Zhongwei, and the school leaders of Zhutang Middle School, Zhutang Primary School, and Zhutang Kindergarten jointly signed a framework agreement for cooperation between schools and enterprises. Under the warm applause of all attendees, Chen Jianxiong, the Secretary of the Town Party Committee, and Jiang Yunnan, the Secretary of the Group Party Branch, jointly unveiled the "Best Education Fund". Subsequently, Jiang Zhongwei, the chairman of the group, donated 2 million yuan to the Best Education Fund.

All along, Best Group has been on the path of continuous development and growth, adhering to the corporate mission of "creating value for customers, creating platforms for employees, and creating wealth for society". It vigorously promotes the spirit of unity, friendliness, and mutual assistance, advocates the Best trend of selfless dedication and doing good to the world, actively participates in public welfare undertakings, and strives to transform the positive energy of returning to society into the cultural connotation and core competitiveness of enterprise development, To solidly promote the sustained high-quality development of enterprises.





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