Our company held a grand ceremony for the 2019 Myanmar international student onboarding education and signing of the master apprentice agreement

On the afternoon of April 8th, Best Garment Group held a grand ceremony for the signing of the 2019 Myanmar International Student Onboarding Education and Master Apprentice Agreement. Jiang Yunnan, the Secretary of the Party Branch of the group, along with the department management and 15 Myanmar international students from Yanggong Institute, participated in this event.

Firstly, the HR manager of the group, He Liping, announced the list of master apprentice pairing and read out the master apprentice pairing agreement. Subsequently, the paired master and apprentice took turns to the stage and signed the agreement.

Jiang Yunnan, the Secretary of the Party Branch of the group, gave a brief introduction to the company's overview and talked about the continuous expansion of the company's development in Myanmar. I hope international students can humbly learn, be serious and down-to-earth in their work, and abide by the company's rules and regulations at the same time; Masters should take a leading role, not retain their skills, and take on their own responsibilities. Finally, I sincerely wish every pair of mentors and apprentices a pleasant cooperation and a win-win situation!

The introduction of Myanmar students to the headquarters for internship has not only promoted the creation of a good atmosphere of "learning and catching up" within the group, but also injected fresh blood into the talent pool of the "the Belt and Road" Myanmar factory. Pairing mentors and mentors, connecting China and Myanmar, and composing a new chapter of Best together!




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