Consolidate the Best team's strength to promote the internationalization development of enterprises - Changshu Shajiabang Red Tour

On September 21st, as the National Day holiday approached, Best Garment Group organized its management team to carry out team building activities at the Shajiabang Scenic Area in Changshu. Everyone is ready to embark on this profound journey of red.

Everyone took a group photo in front of the Shajiabang Revolutionary History Memorial Hall at the Admiration Square. Party members and comrades reviewed their oath of joining the Party, and the Party branch secretary of the group, Comrade Jiang Yunnan, recalled his experience of joining the Party and shared his original intention to join the Party with everyone.

In the Shajiabang Revolutionary History Memorial Hall, through photos of the battle scenes, weapons and daily necessities, as well as the heroic deeds of the New Fourth Army soldiers, we all commemorate the dedication and lofty ideals of Communist Party members during the war.This red tour of Shajiabang not only appreciated the simple scenery of nature, but also further strengthened the patriotism and loyalty of all personnel. Everyone expressed their desire to learn from the revolutionary predecessors the spirit of hard work and courage to strive, and work together to contribute to the world for Best Garment Group!




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