"Chasing Dreams in a New Era" - The 5th Best Garment Group Employee Games Successfully Held

In order to further enrich the leisure life of employees, enhance team cohesion and centripetal force, Best Garment Group recently held the 5th Employee Sports Games. Town leaders Chang Huiqin and Xue Xuan, as well as relevant leaders of the Town Federation of Trade Unions and the Education and Sports Department, and the Party Branch Secretary of Best Group, Jiang Yunnan, attended the opening ceremony of the sports meet.
In front of the chairman's podium, colorful flags were fluttering, and 13 representative teams, consisting of over 400 athletes and staff, lined up neatly. Everyone was full of energy and fighting spirit.
The atmosphere of the entire sports meet was lively and orderly, with athletes sweating and fighting bravely on the field; The scene was filled with laughter and shouts, and everyone cheered and cheered for the athletes. After more than three hours of intense competition, the champions, runners up, and third place winners of six events were determined.The convening of the 5th Best Garment Group Employee Games, known as the "Pursuing Dreams in a New Era", fully showcases the spirit of unity and cooperation, tenacious struggle, courage to take the lead, and healthy progress of the group's employees. At the same time, it inspires all employees to be more ambitious and forge ahead, transforming the spirit of unity and cooperation, striving to catch up with others, into an inexhaustible driving force for work and entrepreneurship, with more enthusiasm and higher fighting spirit, Work together to help Best Garment Group achieve new breakthroughs.




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