The 2020 Best Garment Group New Year's Eve Celebration of "Setting Sail to the World with Dreams" was successfully held

The warm winter sun is just right, gathering together to welcome the new year. On the evening of December 31st, the 2020 Best Garment Group New Year's Eve Celebration was held at the Jinling Hotel in Sanfangxiang, China.
At the evening party, Chairman Jiang Zhongwei of the group delivered an enthusiastic New Year's speech. While acknowledging the hard work and impressive performance of the Best team in 2019, we hope that everyone can join hands and strive for progress in the new year, striving to comprehensively promote high-quality development!
Since the establishment of the company, more and more people have joined the Bede family, silently dedicating themselves to their respective positions. To express gratitude for their diligent and hardworking efforts, the company has decided to commend the outstanding cadres and employees of the headquarters and Myanmar factory (some award-winning Myanmar cadres and employees were unable to come to the site to receive their awards due to work reasons).
A new year opens up new hope, a new chapter continues to write new brilliance, and the 2020 Jiangsu Best Garment Group New Year's Eve Ceremony, "Dreams Set Sail in the World," was successfully held!2020! Let's move forward hand in hand, seize the day and night, live up to our youth, and strive for a better tomorrow for Best!





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