Good news! Our company won first place in the knitted clothing production skills competition in Jiangyin City!

On the afternoon of June 21st, the knitting clothing production skills competition in Jiangyin City was held grandly in our company. Zhang Yan, Vice Chairman of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, Yan Feng and Xue Xuan, Town Leaders, Jiang Yunnan, Secretary of the Party Branch of Best Garment Group, Leaders of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions and Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, relevant Town Street Park Trade Union cadres, as well as the judges and contestants of this competition, attended the launch ceremony.

After the launch ceremony, the Jiangyin Knitwear Making Skills Competition officially began! 30 contestants from various towns and parks in the city compete on the same stage, learn and exchange ideas with each other, and showcase the style of their employees. Our employees Qin Jiahong, Fang Ying, and Cao Xianyu represented Zhutang Town in this competition.

The contestants produced a complete knitted jacket within the specified time based on the provided sample, sewing process sheet, and raw materials. In the competition, contestants are fully immersed in various stages such as material inspection, layout, cutting, and sewing, striving to perform at their best with the most full mental state.

In the end, our contestant Qin Jiahong's finished garments scored the highest among 30 contestants and won the championship of the Jiangyin Knitwear Making Skills Competition. In addition, our contestant Fang Ying won third place and Cao Xianyu won fourth place with good results.

Best Garment Group will take this competition as an opportunity to continuously enrich the field and connotation of labor and skills competitions, further guide employees to learn skills diligently, practice skills, pursue excellence, and strive for excellence in the competition, fully leverage the positive role of labor competitions in the construction of the labor force, unite and lead all employees of the company to make new contributions to promoting the "six challenges and six breakthroughs" and accelerating the construction of the "strong wealth, beautiful height" new Jiangyin.





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