Charity donations help with epidemic prevention, and take on social responsibility with good deeds and righteousness!

On February 22nd, Jiang Yunnan, Secretary of the Party Branch of Best Garment Group, donated a batch of epidemic prevention and control materials to the Yongping Village Committee, using love to gather positive social energy and build an epidemic prevention and control network with affection. The town leaders Ma Jun, Pan Ronggui, and Xin Qingpeng, as well as the executive deputy director of the town customs work committee Wang Hanming and deputy director Xu Xiangdong, attended the donation ceremony. Secretary Jiang said, "The current situation of epidemic prevention and control is still severe, and the staff fighting on the front line of epidemic prevention and control are very hardworking. The prevention and control materials are also very scarce. As an old secretary and party member of Yongping Village, I have the responsibility and obligation to fight side by side with frontline personnel, overcome difficulties together, and contribute to winning the battle against epidemic prevention and control.".






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