Jointly Fighting the Epidemic and Overcoming Difficulties - Best Garment Group Donates Materials to the Fifth People's Hospital of Jiangyin City

On May 9th, Best Garment Group donated 1000 pieces of clothing to the Fifth People's Hospital of Jiangyin City to support epidemic prevention and control work, contributing Best efforts to the fight against the epidemic through practical actions. In the face of this major battle against the epidemic, Best, as a local enterprise in Jiangyin City, while strictly implementing epidemic prevention and control measures and implementing closed door production, actively assumes corporate social responsibility and sends material support to medical staff fighting on the front line of epidemic prevention. Leaders including You Jinxiang, Deputy Mayor of Zhutang Town, Jiang Yunnan, Secretary of the Party Branch of Best Garment Group, Zhang Fugang, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Fifth Municipal People's Court, and Chen Changsheng, Dean, participated in this donation event.





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