Striving for a New Journey and Achieving Merit in the New Era - The 2022 Best Group Clothing Skills Competition has come to a successful conclusion!

In order to further deepen the construction of Best Group's industrial workforce, vigorously promote the spirit of striving for excellence as craftsmen, and accelerate the cultivation of a large number of highly skilled talents, our company organized the 2022 Best Group Clothing Skills Competition on October 29th. Peng Zhengrong, member of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions in Zhutang Town, as well as Jiang Yunnan, Secretary of the Party Branch of Best Group and senior leaders, attended and observed the event. All participants, referees, and staff participated in the event. After a fierce competition, the contestants completed the task with quality and quantity within the specified time. After being selected by the judges, they were awarded the first prize, the second prize, the third prize, the fifth prize, and the winning prize. At the recognition ceremony after the competition, the leaders of the town trade union and the senior management of the company presented honorary certificates and prizes to the award-winning contestants. The annual skills competition provides a platform for Best employees to showcase and exchange skills, sparking a trend of "learning knowledge, practicing skills, comparing skills, and creating excellence". It further stimulates the enthusiasm of employees to study technology and improve their own quality, encouraging them to be pioneers, lead the way, demonstrate their skills, and increase efficiency in the competition, and contribute to the sustainable and high-quality development of Best Group with practical actions!








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