Unlock emotional passwords and empower self growth

In order to further strengthen humanistic care, enrich the company's corporate culture, and create a harmonious development atmosphere, on the afternoon of August 19th, Best Garment Group organized a special lecture on "Gentle and Resolute, Being the Master of Emotions" with the aim of meeting the needs of employees. The lecture aims to help employees release stress, cultivate a positive attitude, and achieve happy work and healthy life. This lecture invited senior lecturer and psychological counselor Shao Guofen (Diandian Teacher) to give a lecture at our company. Teacher Diandian's courses are practical, effective, and exciting, with a unique and empathetic teaching perspective. They are interspersed with case studies, interactive questioning, and other methods to help everyone find the correct way to manage emotions. Together, we discuss how to better build personal mental health. Throughout, the company has carefully created a healthy, positive, warm, and harmonious working environment for its employees, striving to enhance their sense of happiness and belonging. Conducting training lectures is also a concrete manifestation of Best's concern for and care for employees. Everyone expressed that they will actively apply the knowledge they have learned in their future life and work, continuously improve their abilities in emotional management, interpersonal communication, and communication, and establish themselves in their positions with a more full mental state to contribute to the high-quality development of Best Group.




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